• Scott Crabtree of Happy Brian Science: “Anne provided me multiple rounds of helpful edits on my e-book “Level Up Your Leadership: The Science of Gamifying Engagement”. She is an excellent writer, editor, and adviser. She provided great suggestions and food for thought. I acted on virtually all of her suggestions, and they greatly improved the e-book. I strongly recommend Anne for technical writing and editing, among other ways she might be helpful.”
  • Bruce Querbach of Intel “Anne has advised me on DFT related area for over 10 years. Last year, she edited, reviewed, and helped me to improve my ITC 2014 paper submission. This was greatly appreciated, and it made the paper measurably more clear.”
  • Mohd Azam Abdul Latif, Reliability Engineering Manager at Western Digital “Dr Anne Meixner was my mentor when I was at Intel back in 2012-2013 pursuing part time PhD focusing on Analog test coverage. She provided extensive technical guidance and shared her PhD thesis which had great impact to my PhD topic… she never get bored in listening to my multiple dry run PhD research proposal defense.”