Overview of Getting To Present Training

Why Getting to Present Training

Your growth as a technical leader involves sharing your ideas/accomplishments with your industry peers.  Informally attendance at an external professional conference begins this process. Presenting at such an event is the next step on the technical leader ladder. Depending on the competition of the conference and their processes it may take a few attempts. The process may involve just writing an abstract or providing a full paper for review. Next comes preparing the presentation/poster for the event. This can be a long journey. You don’t have to take it alone.

Training and Mastermind Group all in one package

The Getting To Present training provides you guidance and companions for your path to a successful conference presentation. During this training I will walk through the steps, strategies, tactics and requirements for making this journey. This will be a practical training in which you will practice all these steps and you will learn how to provide feedback to your peers.

The training consists of:

  • 6-week classroom style training with lectures, assignments and practicum
  • 20 weeks of guided Master Mind Group with bi-weekly meetings with Anne Meixner and off-line support.
  • 1-day event that includes: workshop with Fay Putnam, styling session with Jennifer Harris and mini-conference in which you present a talk, poster or demo.

Training groups will be kept small; between 6-12 people for each session.

6 Week Training Overview

The training will begin with six weeks of focused training with 3 hours a week for a lecture and practicum. Schedule is as follows:

Week 1:  Understanding Technical Conferences’ Submission Processes

Week 2:  Writing and Reviewing Your Submission

Week 3:  Writing and Reviewing Your Submission

Week 4: Creating Your Presentation

Week 5: Creating Your Presentation

Week 6: Giving Your Presentation

A selected bibliography of books, articles and websites will be provided that focus on writing and verbal presentation skills. An on-line collaboration space will be provided on Same Page.  You will be provided opportunities to practice all the steps, get feedback from the cohort, Anne Meixner and other invited experts.

Mastermind group for the remainder of the 6-month period

A Master Mind group is a set of individuals with a common goal who meet on a regular basis to share tactics, strategies for meeting this common goal. This group holds each other accountable for taking steps towards this goal and provides a supportive environment. Various psychological studies of shown that making your goals known to others translates into a higher rate of success. Continued support in this setting with members who have received the same training means everyone has had basic training on providing constructive feedback.

1 Day Mini-conference and Workshop

A face to face 1-day event provides a capstone to the Getting to Present training. It will provide an opportunity to interact with your peers for the full day. This day will include the following:

  • 4-hour Alexander Technique workshop focusing on breath and calmness
  • Mini-conference in which you give a presentation to your peers
  • Review of your journey to presenting at your target technical forum

Training Ethos

In Anne’s experience the best way to receive constructive feedback on papers and presentations is to provide it as well. By learning with a cohort in this training you have peers who have learned the requirements for good feedback to make each other successful.  The course will finish with a mini-conference experience in which all participants will give a prepared talk/presentation/demo on a topic of their choice.

Opportunity for 1:1 Coaching

The training is all provided in a group setting and feedback from trainers will therefore be limited. You have an opportunity for 1:1 coaching with each trainer at their hourly rates. Discounts on their rates will be available when registering for training and during the 6-month period.

Continue your development with membership in the Global Getting to Present Mastermind group

Your Mastermind group for this training completes at the end of the six months.  Afterwards you have the opportunity to continue in open master mind group.  By joining you will have ongoing support for your technical conference journeys. In this group, bi-weekly meetings will continue and you can self-organize groups to prepare for submissions by Date, by Conference to provide each other support.